Monday, June 23, 2008

Starting the blog

I've been wanting to blog for awhile about this whole photography shebang of mine. Finally bit the dust and created this site. The purpose is to inform you of what I'm experimenting with, learning, trying, etc. I hope to educate along the way, but I have much to learn myself. =)

I started with my Nikon D50 back in October of last year. I've been interested and curious about photography for a couple of years but it became economically feasible and tangible for me last fall so I bit the bullet and bought my first dSLR. I read through hundreds of blogs, websites, articles, and magazines and was fascinated by photography. I knew from the get go that I had a lot to learn, though.

Fast forward 8 months into the present and here I am with my D200 and pro glass ;). NAS (Nikon acquisition syndrome) is a reality for me and I am struggling to fight it every day.

I don't think I have my style or niche quite yet, just trying to gain some experience shooting a little bit of everything. I'm really liking portraiture though :)

Welcome to the blog and I hope I can keep you interested!


Mingfei said...

hey, do you like green pepper or red pepper?

Andrew said...

8 months??? seriously??

haha dang man you really do have NAS...

Well now that you have the pro glass, no more lens lusting ;)