Thursday, January 29, 2009


My D700 arrived yesterday. The Nikon D700 is one of Nikon's top pro bodies available. It's a change from the D90 in terms of size and weight, but I've been working out to carry the beast :). I received it at a good price with the MB-D10 grip, and a Kirk L-Bracket. I put 8 AA's into the grip to boost the body up to 8fps and this baby RIPS. It can shoot highly usable files at ISO 6400 with minimal post processing. These files are beautiful. It is also a full-frame camera (36x24) sensor. Meaning that my lenses are now what they were supposed to be. No more crop factor or DX. Image quality has gone up significantly and my images feel more quality than what I got out of the D90. I'm looking forward to future shoots with the body and can't wait until it's a little bit warmer outside. Without further adieu, I present to you my baby D700 along with some Hi-ISO test shots (of course!).

130mm 1/80 f/3.5 ISO 6400

200mm 1/25 f/2.8 ISO 6400

85mm 1/320 f/1.4 ISO 6400 (underexposed, but still noiseless)

85mm 1/640 f/1.4 ISO 6400


Darin said...

"Depth of field refers to the "depth" of your image. Ever see portraits where eyes are in focus and ears are out of focus? The blur is caused by a large aperture (small f/ number). A larger aperture will reduce your depth of field (make more shallow). "

when you said that in your earlier post... can you post an example pic of aperture misuse?

and you should do a blog post on post-processing.. (quick tips and etc) i donno what you use but I use lightroom for mac.

Neville said...

Wow.. congrats! I headed over to your blog after reading your article at digital photography school blog. I've finally gotten my hands on a Nikon D80 (I know i'm behind my times) and I've also launched my own website. ( Do check out the site and let me know what you think. Regards